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Social Media

As a business, you now have the opportunity to not only put a face to the service or product you provide via design and branding, you can now add a voice through Social Media.

Social Media MarketingIn the digital age, social media marketing offers businesses the opportunity to engage with their audience via platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube and many more. This type of engagement has quickly become the go-to choice of interaction for many customers.

Many consumers use social media to learn about products and services. We are now stepping outside of the traditional interactions we have come to expect and this gives your business a great opportunity to control the tone of voice used to drive the conversation, not to mention drum up enthusiasm and excitement through offers, competitions and interactive forums.

Here at Istech, we understand exactly how social media can be used to your advantage and we want to show you. Social media is so much more than just an extra platform to sell on – it’s about exposure, interaction and personality. We like to think of it as a spoke in your marketing wheel: alongside high quality content and SEO social media helps your site gain online momentum and when done correctly will push your website continually forward.